Cultivate Personal Growth Through Partnership with Horses

Come Back Home to You

Temenos Farms offers a safe space to support you in gaining clarity in self awareness and connection to your inner wisdom, through partnership with horses.

Working with horses creates a playful, open, authentic environment for you to experience powerful shifts in your self-awareness, clear internal road blocks and move forward into the fulfilling life you desire.

In working with horses, there is no right or wrong. They simply mirror back to you the truth of the present moment, your patterns of thinking and behavior, and the effect your inner dialog is having on you and your environment.

It is working with, honoring and supporting you where you are, with no judgement. It is asking the right questions and supporting you in finding the answers that your inner wisdom already knows.

Shift from Confusion to Clarity

Coaching with horses offers the opportunity to gain a new & different understanding of how your inner thoughts affect your relationships and everyday life. This experience will help you to shift from confusion and conflict to clarity, creativity and personal alignment.

Gain clarity about challenging life situations such as:

  • Communication in personal relationships
  • Boundaries
  • Work relationships
  • Job direction
  • Health
  • Purpose
  • Life balance
  • Communication with ourselves

What you can expect to gain:

  • Insights to create lasting change
  • More confidence
  • Connection to your own inner peace
  • Improved communication skills
  • Connection with your inner wisdom
  • Discovering your own answers
  • Cultivating self love, acceptance, compassion and awareness and an authentic self image
  • An opportunity to be seen and see yourself for who you truly are

Coaching with Brenda


Facilitator and Coach, Brenda McLamb, has travelled her own journey through life’s challenges, to find rest, rejuvenation and healing through her farm, horses and donkeys. As she began to imagine offering the same experience to others, Brenda discovered The Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching. She immediately knew this was the program she wanted to be trained in to help others. She is an Equus Coach in Training, and a student of The Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching. Learn more about the institute, here.

1 on 1 Equine Facilitated Coaching

What to Expect

As your time with Brenda begins, the direction of your session will evolve based on where you are in the present moment.

Whether Brenda works with you one on one in the round pen, or interacting with the whole herd, this is your sacred, special time where you will be seen and supported to connect with your personal strengths and your inner wisdom.



  • 90 Minute Sessions here at Temenos Farms
  • Meet the horses, you may halter and groom them depending on the direction of your session
  • Take some time to get centered, grounded and just be
  • Spend a little one on one time with your horse, get to know each other
  • Notice your interactions with your horse and we will look at which areas in your life feel similar
  • And so much more…your session will evolve based on where you are in the present moment

Give yourself the gift of time in a loving, natural space where you are seen, heard and have permission to just BE.

Love, Caring, Understanding

About Brenda McLamb

Brenda McLamb is a native of Johnston County, where she and her husband have farmed their entire lives. After the birth of her daughter, she began a decades long healing journey, to address her own childhood sexual abuse, and the ensuing toxic decisions born out of old survival skills.

Returning to her love of horses, Brenda volunteered at Hope Reins, an organization that uses horses to help hurting children. There, she saw the tremendous impact horses have on our healing.

This began the dream of Temenos Farms. She rescued four horses from slaughter, and worked for years with a Mentor Coach, to create a sanctuary where Equine Facilitated Healing is open to individuals ready to take that deeper step.

She helps her clients come back home inside themselves, in the company of horses, finding peace in the present moment, and a foundation from which they can build the lives they envision.

Get In Touch

Are you ready to begin growing into the life you’ve been looking for? Interested in learning more? Brenda and her horses at Temenos Farms are here for you. Get in touch, today.

Brenda McLamb

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